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Early unofficial results from District 38 swing heavily for Peltola, Murkowski

Former Bethel City Council member Mary Peltola gave her opinion about half of this year's city council candidates being women.
Katie Basile

Early, unofficial election results have given an idea of who District 38 voted for in the Aug. 16 election.

In the special general election for the U.S House, Democrat Mary Peltola has received almost 70% of District 38’s votes so far. Republicans Nick Begich III and Sarah Palin were far behind, at 15% and 13% respectively. Peltola, who represented District 38 in the state legislature for a decade, is currently leading the statewide race by 6%. That’s before calculating second choice votes, which won’t take place until the end of the month.

In District 38, Peltola also leads all candidates by a wide margin in the House primary. In the U.S Senate primary election, unofficial results in District 38 show Sen. Lisa Murkoswki leading Kelly Tshibaka 72% to 10%. For governor, the Walker/Drygas ticket is currently running neck and neck with incumbent Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

In the state senate, Lyman Hoffman leads Willie Keppel 58% to 42% in the unofficial results. C.J. McCormick, the former vice-mayor of Bethel, is running unopposed for District 38’s House seat.

Although turnout in District 38 is so far low, some villages may not have reported their votes yet. As of now, only 15% of registered voters, or less than 2,000 people, have had ballots counted.

More results will continue to come in over the next few days.

Will McCarthy was a temporary news reporter at KYUK. Previously, he worked as a furniture mover, producer, and freelance journalist. Will's written for the New York Times, National Geographic, and Texas Monthly. He holds a master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.