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Bethel city council postpones first August meeting amid absences

Christine Trudeau

The Bethel City Council’s first meeting of the month was postponed after a brief discussion on Aug. 9.

Although the council did have a quorum, many of the council members were joining remotely, including the city manager who was attending to personal issues. The mayor and vice mayor were not unable to attend the meeting. As a result of those absences, council member Perry Barr recommended postponing all business until Aug. 23. The council voted 5-0 in favor of the motion.

Before the postponement, two members of the community spoke about an ordinance that would create a sliding pay scale for the Y-K Fitness Center based on household income.

Both Beverly Hoffman and Stacey Reardon said that they were intrigued by the idea, but wanted the council to give the topic more consideration before voting on it. Reardon, the facility director at the fitness center, was concerned that there was no subsidy to replace the lost revenue. Reardon said that she hoped to bring an alternative pathway for discounts to the fitness center to the September city council meeting.

Barr, who introduced the ordinance, agreed that there should be more time for discussion and transparency.

Will McCarthy was a temporary news reporter at KYUK. Previously, he worked as a furniture mover, producer, and freelance journalist. Will's written for the New York Times, National Geographic, and Texas Monthly. He holds a master's degree in journalism from UC Berkeley.