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The preliminary results are in for the Bethel municipal election

Bethel Municipal Election Results 2021
City of Bethel
The turnout in the Oct. 5 election was 10.71% of local eligible voters.

The preliminary results for the 2021 Bethel City Council election are in. There were six candidates vying for four two-year terms. Based on the initial count, the candidates who won seats include incumbent Conrad “CJ” McCormick with 325 votes, incumbent Mark Springer with 276 votes, former council member Eric Whitney with 267 votes and newcomer Mary “Beth” Hessler with 235 votes. Candidates Jared Karr and Jess Schroeder did not win seats under the initial results.

But that outcome could change. There are 25 ballots left to be verified by the canvass board when they prepare the official results on Oct. 7, and there’s just a seven ballot difference between Hessler and Karr. That leaves a potential path to victory for Karr.

The turnout in yesterday’s election was 10.71% of local eligible voters. Out of 4,175 registered voters, about 447 cast a verified ballot.