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Alaska House Majority Coalition Finalizes Committee Seats

Michael Mason

As January’s Legislative session approaches, the Alaska House Majority Coalition has finalized its caucus committee seats. Democrat Zach Fansler of Bethel, Representative for House District 38, will serve on five: Education, Fisheries, Joint Armed Services, and as co-chair of the Community and Regional Affairs Committee and vice-chair of Judiciary.

Western Alaska is represented on other committees as well:

House Speaker, Democrat Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham, chairs the Committee on Committees, which chose who serves on each committee and who chairs it.  He sits as vice-chair of the Health and Social Services Committee, and he serves on the Legislative Council committee and the Economic Development, Tourism, and Arctic Policy Committee.

Democrat Neal Foster of Nome co-chairs the Finance Committee and sits on the Committee on Committees.

Democrat Dean Westlake of Kotzebue serves as chair of the Economic Development, Tourism, and Arctic Policy Committee, vice-chair of the Resources Committee, and sits on both the Energy Committee and the Community and Regional Affairs Committee.

The 2017 Legislative session convenes January 17.  

The 30th Alaska Legislature House Majority Caucus Committee Assignments:

Standing Committees

Rules – Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Vice-Chair Matt Claman; Sam Kito; Louise Stutes

Finance – Co-Chair Paul Seaton; Co-Chair Neal Foster; Vice-Chair Les Gara; Jason Grenn; David Guttenberg; Scott Kawasaki; Dan Ortiz

Resources – Co-Chair Andy Josephson; Co-Chair Geran Tarr; Vice-Chair Dean Westlake; Harriet Drummond; Justin Parish

Community & Regional Affairs – Co-Chair Zach Fansler; Co-Chair Justin Parish; Harriet Drummond; Dean Westlake

Education – Chair Harriet Drummond; Vice-Chair Justin Parish; Zach Fansler; Ivy Spohnholz

Health & Social Services – Chair Ivy Spohnholz; Vice-Chair Bryce Edgmon; Sam Kito; Geran Tarr

Judiciary – Chair Matt Claman; Vice-Chair Zach Fansler; Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Gabrielle LeDoux

Labor & Commerce – Chair Sam Kito; Vice-Chair Adam Wool; Andy Josephson; Louise Stutes

State Affairs – Chair Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Vice-Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Louise Stutes; Chris Tuck

Transportation – Co-Chair Louise Stutes; Co-Chair Adam Wool; Matt Claman; Harriet Drummond

Special Committees

Committee on Committees – Chair Bryce Edgmon; Neal Foster; Gabrielle LeDoux; Paul Seaton; Chris Tuck

Economic Development; Tourism; Arctic Policy – Chair Dean Westlake; Bryce Edgmon; Andy Josephson; Chris Tuck

Energy – Chair Adam Wool; Vice-Chair Ivy Spohnholz; Matt Claman; Dean Westlake

Fisheries – Chair Louise Stutes; Zach Fansler; Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins; Geran Tarr

Military & Veterans Affairs – Chair Chris Tuck; Vice-Chair Gabrielle LeDoux; Justin Parish; Ivy Spohnholz

Joint Committees

Legislative Budget & Audit – Vice-Chair Andy Josephson; Scott Kawasaki; Paul Seaton; Ivy Spohnholz; Alternate Dan Ortiz

Legislative Council – Chair Sam Kito; Matt Claman; Bryce Edgmon; David Guttenberg; Dan Ortiz; Louise Stutes; Alternate Harriet Drummond

Joint Armed Services – Co-Chair Scott Kawasaki; Zach Fansler; Gabrielle LeDoux; Geran Tarr

Select Committee on Legislative Ethics – Chris Tuck; Alternate Justin Parish

Majority Committee Membership by Person

Matt Claman – Judiciary Chair; Rules Vice-Chair; Energy; Legislative Council; Transportation

Harriet Drummond – Education Chair; Community & Regional Affairs; Resources; Transportation; Legislative Council Alternate

Bryce Edgmon – Committee on Committees Chair; Health & Social Services Vice-Chair; Economic Development, Tourism, Arctic Policy; Legislative Council

Zach Fansler – Community & Regional Affairs Co-Chair; Judiciary Vice-Chair; Education; Fisheries; Joint Armed Services

Neal Foster - Finance Co-Chair; Committee on Committees

Les Gara - Finance Vice-Chair

Jason Grenn – Finance

David Guttenberg – Finance; Legislative Council

Andy Josephson – Resources Co-Chair; Legislative Budget & Audit Vice-Chair; Economic Development, Tourism, Arctic Policy; Labor & Commerce

Scott Kawasaki – Finance; Joint Armed Services Co-Chair; Legislative Budget & Audit

Sam Kito – Legislative Council Chair; Labor & Commerce Chair; Health & Social Services; Rules

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins – State Affairs Chair; Fisheries; Judiciary

Gabrielle LeDoux – Rules Chair; Military & Veterans Affairs Vice-Chair; State Affairs Vice-Chair; Committee on Committees; Joint Armed Services; Judiciary

Dan Ortiz – Finance; Legislative Council; Legislative Budget & Audit Alternate

Justin Parish – Community & Regional Affairs Co-Chair; Education Vice-Chair; Military & Veterans Affairs; Resources; Select Committee on Legislative Ethics Alternate

Paul Seaton – Finance Co-Chair; Committee on Committees; Legislative Budget & Audit

Ivy Spohnholz – Health & Social Services Chair; Energy Vice-Chair; Education; Legislative Budget & Audit; Military & Veterans Affairs

Louise Stutes – Fisheries Chair; Transportation Co-Chair; Labor & Commerce; Legislative Council; Rules; State Affairs

Geran Tarr – Resources Co-Chair; Fisheries; Health & Social Services; Joint Armed Services

Chris Tuck – Military & Veterans Affairs Chair; Committee on Committees; Economic Development, Tourism, Arctic Policy; Select Committee on Legislative Ethics; State Affairs

Dean Westlake – Economic Development, Tourism, Arctic Policy Chair; Resources Vice-Chair; Community & Regional Affairs; Energy

Adam Wool – Energy Chair; Transportation Co-Chair; Labor & Commerce Vice-Chair