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One Precinct In The State Has Yet To Record Tuesday’s Primary Votes: Mekoryuk in District 38

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Mekoryuk in District 38 is the only precinct in the entire state whose Primary ballots from Tuesday have not been recorded with the State Division of Elections.

Angelique Horton with the division says the Mekoryuk voting machine malfunctioned when the election workers tried to close it out Tuesday. She says the memory card from the machine is being flown from the island to the region’s election district office in Nome and should arrive today.

When KYUK talked with Mekoryuk election worker Jeffery King Wednesday afternoon, he said that the precinct was waiting for an evening airplane to pick up the votes, and that he was hoping the weather would hold.

Zach Fansler remains in the leadand is the presumed winner over incumbent Bob Herron for the House District 38 Democratic Primary. With 30 of 31 precincts counted, Fansler has received 56.7 percent, or 1,099 votes, compared to 43.3 percent, or 839 votes, for Herron.

Fansler says he will not do any media interviews until all precincts are recorded.

Anna Rose MacArthur served as KYUK's News Director from 2015-2022.
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