Joseph Seibert

Chief Engineer

Joe was born in Arizona but schooled in the Houston, Texas area. He served seven years in Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club, and then attended Harvard on the Highway ( aka San Jacinto Jr. College). He eventually matriculated at Texas A&M University. Joe moved to Bethel in 1988 and was ordained the assistant chief engineer at KYUK.

In 1997 Joe was selected interim general manager at KYUK. He quickly sought fewer responsibilities and eventually finagled a job as the technical support manager at Unicom from 1997 through 1998. He returned to KYUK in early 1999 and generally spends the days hiding in his office fixing problems.

Joe's hobbies include banjo and amateur radio. Playing Candy Land and watching the Muppets are his favorite pastimes.

Some day Joe hopes to run for President of the United States. We think he may have already.

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