Warmer ocean and river water has increased the number of the parasites ichthyophonus and henneguya in Kuskokwim salmon  during the 2019 fishing season.
Avery Hoffman / ONC

Subsistence families along the Kuskokwim River are cutting open fish to find white balls or white streaks deforming the meat. The marks are formed from the parasites ichthyophonus and henneguya, also known as tapioca disease. Subsistence users are familiar with these parasites, but Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Aaron Tiernan says his office has never received as many reports of the diseases as they have this season. He attributes the extreme growth to warm water in the Bering Sea and Kuskokwim River.

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Gov. Mike Dunleavy vetoed $444 million from the state budget on Friday. Organizations across Bethel rely on that money and are asking how they can continue providing services with fewer resources. KYUK looks at some of these impacts.

Longer Subsistence Openings On Yukon

Jul 2, 2019

With more king salmon swimming up the Yukon River, managers are increasing the fishing opportunities. With kings still entering the Yukon, biologists now say that the run seems stronger than last summer's, and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has scheduled more subsistence salmon fishing in District 3.

Fourth of July Fireworks Legal Again In Bethel

Jul 2, 2019
Snohomish County City

The fire danger may be too high in the rest of the state for Fourth of July fireworks, but not in Bethel and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. On Tuesday, July 2, the state lifted a ban on fireworks sales and use in Western Alaska.

Looking back at six months of Caribou Traders Liquor Store.
Greg Kim / KYUK

Caribou Traders may have new owners soon. The current management plans to buy the liquor store from UCI, a subsidiary of Hooper Bay’s Sea Lion Corporation. 

Looking back at six months of Caribou Traders Liquor Store.
Greg Kim / KYUK

Six months have passed since Caribou Traders Liquor Store opened in Bethel. It’s the only liquor store in town after the state Alcohol Beverage Control Board refused to renew AC Liquor Store’s license last May. 

It felt like they took forever to get there, but the Yukon River’s summer chum salmon arrived in enough numbers for the processor in Emmonak to gear up for its first commercial opening of the summer. 

Yukon Chum Have Arrived

Jul 2, 2019

Good news for the Yukon River: a slug of chum salmon swam up the Yukon last week, and it looks as if there will be enough fish to meet the lower-end escapement goal of 500,000 fish. If enough chums keep swimming into the river, managers say that there may be a commercial harvest.

Photo courtesy of Myra Enoch

The post has been updated and corrected with additional information from tribal administrator Deanna White. 

A fire on July 1 has burned down a water and sewer building and destroyed a four-wheeler in Tuntutuliak. Tribal Secretary Willi Ann Frank says that the fire started around 1 p.m.

If you are looking to light up the already sunlit sky for the Fourth of July, you are out of luck. Alaska officials have banned using and selling fireworks because hot, dry conditions throughout the state have made the risk of fires too great.