Alaska’s commercial fishermen have been speaking out against big trawlers for years, complaining that the large vessels in federal waters are scooping up mature and juvenile fish. The regional council that manages federal fisheries recently heard from hundreds of people who were concerned about the number of salmon and other species that end up as bycatch in trawl nets. 

The snowmachine trail that connects the Tuluksak River to the Kuskokwim River.
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After a fire destroyed Tuluksak’s water plant in January 2021, Tuluksak residents have developed several different drinking water options; each comes with its own pros and cons. Residents’ choice depends on what they trust, and what they have the means to access. 


Amaya Santillana, 3, after her surgeries in Anchorage on April 19, 2021.
Laverna Paniyak

A 3-year old girl was attacked by dogs in Chevak on April 18, and was transported to Anchorage for surgery for her injuries. The girl’s mother is planning to press charges against the neighbors who she says own the dogs, and is calling on the city to put down the animals.

A fleet of Cessna 207 airplanes owned by Ravn Air sit grounded on the tarmac after the airline announced they were cutting 90% of their service on April 2, 2020.
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Ravn Alaska will begin flying to St. Mary’s on May 6. Ravn will fly direct, roundtrip flights between Anchorage and St. Mary’s each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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Hunters along the lower Kuskokwim River have been reporting an abundance of ptarmigan this year, after a relative dearth of the birds in years prior. But whether that’s because there are actually more ptarmigan or if people are just seeing more of them is unclear. 

A red fox kit runs in the snow outside of Toolik Field Station, Alaska.
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Three foxes from three Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta communities have tested positive for rabies in recent weeks. 

Tuluksak sits at the convergence of the Kuskokwim and the Tuluksak rivers.
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On April 8, members of the National Guard and other state officials visited the village of Tuluksak to meet with Tribal leaders and community members. The visit came nearly three months after a fire destroyed Tuluksak’s water plant. During the meeting, council members shared their current needs and discussed potential spring flooding.

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It’s spring. Temperatures are warming, and breakup on the Kuskokwim River is approaching. Here's a look at ice and snow conditions along the river, and how to prepare for potential flooding.

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It’s spring, and fishery managers want to hear from Kuskokwim River subsistence fishermen and fisherwomen about their concerns for the coming fishing season.

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The U.S. National Guard is looking at beefing up its presence in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Maj. Gen. Torrence Saxe is the state's adjutant general, and heads up the Alaska National Guard.