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COVID-19 Can’t Keep Art Off Bethel’s Dumpsters

Reyne Athanas

It’s another year without Bethel's Art Camp because of COVID-19, but people will still get a chance to paint dumpsters. Reyne Athanas says that if you have an idea for a dumpster, or even just for one side of a dumpster, contact her at 545-4468, message her on Facebook, or email her at You should also send a sketch of your idea.

“People do have to pre-register ahead of time because we only have 18 dumpsters,” said Athanas. “Folks can take, like, one side or they can take two, or they can take the whole dumpster if they’ve got four ideas. So I am signing people up and assigning them dumpsters.”

Athanas said that the plan is to bring back art camp next summer. Also, the June First Friday event at the Bethel Cultural Center has been cancelled because everyone who is running the center is going to be out of town. Athanas said that First Friday will be back in July. Meanwhile, Saturday Market will be coming back in June.

“it’s going to be June 19,  July 17, and August 21 for folks to plan on making stuff, baking stuff, bringing it to the cultural center. And the reason we get to do all this is I’m subbing back at the cultural center for this summer.”

Athanas said that the cultural center is in the process of hiring a new coordinator. In the meantime, she’s helping out through August.