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Live Broadcasting Controversial Meeting

In April KYUK provided live coverage of a meeting called by several tribes within the Association of Village Council Presidents. There was quite a bit of discussion that questioned and criticized the leadership practices of AVCP.

We received several comments about this broadcast. Most people were grateful they had an opportunity to listen to the meeting. Others felt it was inappropriate for us to air the event because it was not officially sanctioned by AVCP.

As a public broadcaster, with a Native Alaskan majority board, it our mission at KYUK to inform and educate the people of the YK Delta about issues affecting our region and tribes. We seek to connect you, our audience, with the important discussions of the day.

We do not endorse nor do we oppose the position of these tribal leaders, just like we don’t endorse or oppose the positions or leaders of other organizations we broadcast live. Our listeners are aware we air Bethel City Council meeting, Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation conventions, AVCP conventions, and Fish and Wildlife hearings. Senator Lisa Murkowski has hosted several field hearings in Bethel we’ve also carried live. All of these events we air without support or opposition to the viewpoints being expressed.

The alternative to broadcasting this meeting would have been to run our regular music programming throughout the day. We believe we are more valuable to the YK Delta by using our resources to bring you local public affairs.

Our goal at KYUK is to be an information intermediary, providing you, our audience, with diverse opinions on important issues. If we’re doing our job well, you should hear opinions you agree with and opinions you disagree with on our airwaves. We strive to bring you as much relevant information as we can, so you can form your own opinion.

Shane has been serving as General Manager since 2016. He joined KYUK as a journalist before he was promoted to radio director. He coaches several youth sports teams and enjoys hunting and fishing for his family and friends.