Stories involving criminal activities.

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Delegates voted public safety as their top priority at the 2016 Association of Village Council Presidents' annual convention. A year later, at the 2017 convention, they’ve learned that the number of Village Public Safety Officers, or VPSO’s, has declined. Now the Native nonprofit is appealing to communities for help.

On Monday evening, Bethel police found the body of Brandon Nicholai while responding to a call about an unresponsive person.

Akiachak has hired a new interim Tribal Chief of Police after State Troopers arrested former Tribal Police Chief John Snyder for allegedly strangling his wife.

The State of Alaska courthouse in Bethel, Alaska.
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Bethel residents charged with bootlegging were due to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

On Saturday night, the Bethel Police arrested William Wassilie after he allegedly threatened several officers with a shotgun.

More information has been released about a man arrested in Anchorage with heroin that State Troopers say was headed for Bethel. Troopers report that the man was attempting to smuggle the drugs by hiding them inside his body.

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Of the 23 Bethel residents charged with illegally selling alcohol, or bootlegging, last week, 18 are current or former cab drivers. Ten are from Taxi/Alaska, seven are from Quyana Cab, and one is from Kusko Cab. In a conversation with KYUK, Quyana denies all allegations. Kusko Cab says that their one driver has been fired, and Taxi/Alaska has not returned phone calls requesting comment.

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The state charged 18 cab drivers on Friday with selling alcohol without a license. One of those drivers was a former Kusko Cab driver, Sejdula Ajeti. Kusko co-owner Naim Shabani says Ajeti had worked for the company part time for six months. In June 2016, Shabani says he fired the driver when a state investigator approached Shabani about Ajeti’s alleged activities. KYUK talked with Shabani on Friday after the state announced its charges.

Dean Swope / KYUK

A two-year-long investigation culminated today, Friday, September 8, with charges against 23 Bethel residents, most of them cab drivers, for allegedly selling alcohol without a license; in other words, for bootlegging. 

A Bethel man has been arrested at the Anchorage airport with heroin that State Troopers say was headed for Bethel.