Storm Watch: Autumn Storm Batters Kuskokwim Bay Villages

Oct 6, 2017

Southwest Alaska will experience heavy rains throughout the week.
Credit Courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service.

Kuskokwim Bay villages were battered by an autumn storm that intensified Wednesday night, and lasted through Thursday. Local leaders in Kwigillingok, Kongiganak, and Kipnuk reported strong winds in the region. “My house was shaking,” said Roland Andrew, Kongiganak’s Tribal Administrator, with a laugh. “My family was kind of freaked!” Particularly, he said, his grandchildren.

The three communities also reported high water that flooded the lowlands. In Kwigillingok, the river overflowed its banks and filled nearby lakes, but the water didn’t threaten any homes or local infrastructure and the flooding was thankfully minor. “I’m hoping there’s none after this,” said Tribal Administrator Darrel John, who says that floods in Kwig can threaten the village’s homes and bridges. None of the three communities reported significant erosion.

The weather is getting colder and stormier and if your village is affected by any flooding, erosion, or wind damage by major storms, we want to hear from you. You can message news tips to KYUK on Facebook or email us at