Naim Shabani Resigns From Bethel City Council

Apr 26, 2018

Bethel City Council Member Naim Shabani has resigned.
Credit Courtesy of Naim Shabani


Bethel City Council member Naim Shabani has resigned. Bethel City Clerk Lori Strickler told the Council on Tuesday night that Shabani has submitted a formal resignation letter to the city.


In the letter, Shabani said that his resignation was due to time constraints with co-running Kusko Cab and their recent influx of employees.


"Two months ago, we [Kusko Cab] were able to acquire one of our biggest competitors [Quyana Cab]. This has resulted in me personally overseeing the operation of 45 full time employees on a daily basis," Shabani said in the letter. He added that, "Bethel has a tremendous amount of dedicated individuals that deserve my seat and that will represent the great people of Bethel and their best interests. I will continue to be involved and contribute to our community in any way I can."


Strickler says that the Council will consider his resignation at the next Council meeting on May 8.