Lower Kuskokwim River Report: Stay Off The Ice

Dec 4, 2018

Thin ice and open holes persist this winter as tempertures fluctuate above and below freezing.

Napaskiak Search and Rescue cautions that the Kuskokwim River between Napaskiak and Oscarville is extremely dangerous and not safe for travel.

Due to dangerous conditions, Akiachak Search and Rescue has closed the trail along the Gweek River that connects Akiachak to Bethel.

Bethel Search and Rescue is warning all travelers to stay off the Lower Kuskokwim River. Ice remains thin and scattered with open holes. There are also open holes and thin ice on the trail heading west from Bethel’s Hangar Lake.

Bethel Search and Rescue advises people setting nets and manaqing to wear a life vest or float coat and to walk with an ice pick, testing each step before walking forward. Bethel Search and Rescue also recommends that travelers pay attention to the weather forecasts and make allowances for how warm weather will affect trail and ice conditions.