Lady Warriors Win In Comeback Game Against Barrow Whalers

Feb 5, 2018

Bethel coaches Eric Jung and Melony Fredricks talk with the Warrior girls basketball team during their game against the Barrow Whalers on February 3, 2018.
Credit Ethan Sundown / KYUK

After a defeat Friday night by the Barrow Whalers, the Bethel Warrior girls basketball team came back triumphant against the Whalers on Saturday. Bethel Regional High School student correspondent Ethan Sundown was there and has the story.

It started with a jump ball. Barrow tipped it their way, but Bethel made the first point. Bethel senior and team captain Katie Crow made the layup. It was a close game, each team fighting for the lead. Every time the Warriors made a point, the Whalers were determined to make up the point. The first quarter ended in a tie, 10 to 10.

During the second quarter Barrow kept the ball most of the time, but the Whalers would only make six points this quarter. The team missed most of their shots: there were many air balls, or the ball would circle the rim and fall off. The Warriors began to build their lead, making every basket count. The first half ended with Bethel ahead 24 to 16.

After halftime Barrow came back, making the first seven points of the third quarter. Every time the Whalers took the ball down the court, the Bethel crowd was on their feet, yelling “D-Up!”; “DEFENSE!”. The energy was intense, the crowd’s hearts racing as the clock counted down. The game was close. One second the Whalers were leading, then the Warriors. Bethel fought their way back up, making lay-up after lay-up, causing the crowd to stand and roar. It was a close finish for the Warriors, ending the third quarter 35 to 31.

The fourth quarter would decide it all. Each team was stealing the ball, trying to keep it away from their opponents. With 1:21 left on the clock, the game was tied 41 to 41 . Cheerleaders and audience members chanted “WARRIOR POWER!”, shaking the stadium, boosting morale. The Whalers started to foul, handing the lead to the Warriors with free throws.

The buzzer sounded, ending the game. The Warriors had won 47 to 41.

The Bethel boys also played against Barrow this weekend. On the Barrow turf, the Warriors lost 45 to 51.