Ice On H-Marker Lake Averaged Nine Inches Wednesday

Dec 1, 2017

Ice on H-Marker Lake, a popular shortcut from Tundra Ridge Subdivision to the Bethel airport, averaged nine inches on Wednesday, November 29.
Credit Google Maps

Ice is forming on the tundra lakes and people are beginning to drive across popular trails, but Bethel resident Fritz Charles warns that H-Marker Lake is not yet thick enough for cars or trucks.

Charles measured the ice thickness on Wednesday; it averaged nine inches at most points and 10 inches on the south side. In the middle, where overflow has turned the ice yellow, the ice measured six inches.

H-Marker is a popular Bethel shortcut between the Tundra Ridge Subdivision and the airport.

There are no trail markers on the lake yet, and Charles recommends that people wait until the ice reaches 12 inches before using a car or truck to cross.