Council Considers Compost Toilets, New Owl Park Playground, And Talks With AC On Liquor Store Issues

Apr 9, 2018

Bethel City Council to consider compost Toilets, the new Owl Park playground, and talking with AC on liquor store issues.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK


This Tuesday the Bethel City Council will look at whether to allow city officials to meet with Alaska Commercial about the company's handling of liquor store issues in Bethel.


The Council has protested AC's liquor license renewal, and it declined to authorize talks between the city's administration and AC officials until after the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board had a chance to rule on the renewal. But the Board put off that decision, so now the Council once again has to decide about negotiating. The ABC Board is planning a special meeting on Bethel liquor issues, but has not set a date for it yet.


The City Council also plans to return to the issue of whether the city should permit composting toilets, an issue which last came up in 2016. The City Energy Committee has a proposed ordinance which states that “permitting the installation and use of composting and /or incinerating toilets has no negative financial impact on the City of Bethel.” The ordinance also adds that it also may, “provide financial and water saving to property owners,” in Bethel.


The Council will also look at installing new playground equipment in Owl Park, funded by an $80,000 eviction settlement with the Association of Village Council Presidents, Regional Housing Authority.


For the full Bethel City Council agenda, visit the city website at


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