City Currently Seeking Candidates To Fill Open Council Seat

Jul 17, 2017

Vice Mayor, Fred Watson.
Credit Katie Basile / KYUK

On City Corner this week, KYUK’s municipal reporter Christine Trudeau brings us an excerpt from today’s show, airing today at 11 a.m., where she sat down with lifelong resident of Bethel, Vice Mayor Fred Watson.



With the resignation of a Council Member earlier this month, the City of Bethel is openly seeking applicants to fill the seat until the October elections. No one knows better than Vice Mayor Fred Watson what learning to fill that position can be like.


This October, Vice Mayor Watson will be halfway through his two-year term on Bethel City Council.


“It is my first stint. I’ve been a city employee for a number of years, which excluded me from being on Council,” said Watson.


Watson said it’s been a real learning experience. Members must do considerable research in order to be prepared to decide on all the items that hit the City Council agenda every two weeks.


“And that does take a lot of time, you know, to really be effective, and I actually learned that within the first three months - you can’t just go to the meetings and look at the packets. You have to look at it and study the issues,” said Watson.


The Vice Mayor said that he'll usually have to spend a significant amount of time within the two weeks getting ready for the next meeting.


“So it all depends on what’s on the next agenda,” said Watson. “A lot of stuffs carry over, so anybody who’s thinking about running for Council, you can bet on 10 to 20 hours a week outside of Council meetings.”


Those interested in being on Council can submit a letter of interest now through July 24 to Bethel City Clerk, Lori Strickler.


Hear our full discussion today at 11 a.m., and again tonight at 9 p.m., on City Corner. This week’s program covers a variety of topics ranging from the impact of alcohol sales in Bethel, both to the City of Bethel and surrounding villages, to the appointment of the new interim police chief.


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