Calista Approves $6.17 Million For Spring Dividend

Feb 28, 2018

Credit Courtesy of Calista Corporation

Calista shareholders can look forward to a hefty dividend this spring. The Board of Directors recently approved a total of $6.17 million for the spring dividend. That’s up from $5.95 million last year. 

The spring dividend will be divided among approximately 25,000 shareholders, including those descendants added to the rolls in 2015. The original shareholders added them by resolution, along with those who missed applying to become shareholders of Calista when the Regional Native corporation was set up under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, or ANCSA.

Shareholders can update and verify their addresses on the web at, or call the Shareholder Services at 907-275-2892 or 1-800-277-5516. Shareholders can also arrange for direct deposit.

Calista’s spring dividends will be sent out by the close of the business day on April 13 either as direct deposit or mail.