BSAR Marks Off Middle Section Of Kuskokuak Slough Trail

Dec 26, 2017

"Holes drilled across Kuskokuak Slough - waiting for the BSAR crew to insert willows with blue reflectors," said BSAR's Mark Leary.
Credit Mark Leary / Bethel Search & Rescue

This past holiday weekend, Bethel Search and Rescue marked off the middle section of the Kuskokuak Slough trail. BSAR's Mark Leary says that after drilling holes into the ice, BSAR will attach blue reflectors to willow branches and then insert them into the holes.

Posted in a recent update to the BSAR "Facebook Updates and Trail Conditions" page, Mike Riley says that “river ice between Napaskiak and Napakiak is averaging six to seven inches,” but that there are also reports of water as of December 24. He says that Clark Slough has been overflowing “up and down,” and at this time it is unsafe to travel on the Atmautluak Trail. Riley also said that the “Powerline Trail is the safest, but use caution when crossing slough by Napakiak.”


Bethel Search and Rescue also reminds people traveling by four-wheeler or snowmachine to travel in pairs, especially when unsure of trail safety, and to let family and friends know where and when you are going and when you plan to be back.