Aerial View Of Kuskokwim Break Up Coming Soon

May 1, 2018

The Kuskokwim River will soon have eyes in the sky to monitor breakup and issue updates on river conditions. The NOAA River Watch team is scheduled to launch from Aniak on Tuesday morning. The crew will fly upstream and begin sharing what it sees.

There are many ways to get their information.

You can tune into their observations in real time through marine band radio. That’s Channel 10 for Crooked Creek, Red Devil, Sleetmute, and Napaimute; and Channel 68 for Aniak, Kalskag, Chuathbaluk, and Napaimute.

The River Watch team will also be calling into KYUK so we can include their reports in our newscast.

You can find their river reports online on the Alaska National Weather Service website, and you can see breakup pictures on the U.S. National Weather Service Alaska Facebook page.