Petra Harpak

Administrative Assistant

Petra Harpak
Credit Ciera Harpak

Petra's Yup'ik name is Apaiyuk. Her parents are Paul M. & Ollie Jenkins from Nunapitchuk, AK. Her paternal grandparents are Arthur Jenkins from Alakanuk, AK and Anna Jenkins from an old village called Nanvarnarluk. Her maternal grandparents are Jimmy and Agnes Nicholai, also from Nanvarnarluk.

She lives in Bethel with her husband Francis Harpak. Their five children are Ciera, Iceis, Kyana,  Jace and Atlas.

Petra's hobbies include knitting, sewing and anything to do with subsistence activities. She also owns a Browning 20-gauge shotgun.

Petra Harpak / KYUK

Stand for salmon ballot initiative was a hot topic on Talk Line. Bethel Fair announcements were in order.  Reminders about boat safety came up.

Growing Up in Nyac

Aug 19, 2018
Petra Harpak / KYUK

The proposed Donlin mine may be grabbing the headlines but mining is not new to the region. Find out what it was like to mine gold on the Kuskokwim River in the old days. Joseph Venes Jr. grew up in Nyac, where they made gold bars.

You're going to learn more about life up the Kuskokwim River in the old gold mining community of Nyac with Joseph "Sonny" Venes Jr.

Sonny Venes grew up in Nyac and at age 14 he was already working at the mine.

Petra Harpak / KYUK

Queen baker, Beverly Hoffman shared her salmonberry upside down cake recipe along with Bev's Feast Goulash, and her Kippered Fish.


Although the news about the 100 lb. stolen mammoth tusk was early this spring, BLM is still waiting for good news, to return the precious and important artifact. Anonymous tips are welcome, call (907) 271-6622 or email

Petra Harpak / KYUK

Vice President for the Bethel Volunteer Emergency Services Association (B.V.E.S.A.), Joey Valadez came in to announce the upcoming fundraiser events that will help support B.V.E.S.A. in reaching their monetary goal. For more information contact Joey at 545-1357.

Petra Harpak / KYUK

Ilan qigcikluku yuuyaraq.

Child Welfare Summit

Aug 13, 2018
Petra Harpak / KYUK

Laurinda Weston-O'Brien announces the Child Welfare Summit.

Petra Harpak / KYUK

Donlin Gold is the hot topic on Talk Line. The YK Delta region put more local economy than any other region in the State of Alaska. Senator Sullivan has an initiative to split the 9th Circuit. And BSAR reminds moose hunters gun safety to prevent any accidents.