John Active


Hi, my name is John Active.  I have been working here at KYUK since the early 1970’s, over 40-years. I am a Yup’ik Eskimo  living in Western Alaska, living in the Kuskokwim River Delta, in Bethel.

I am a Traditional Storyteller by trade, which means I make money telling old Yup’ik stories and ghost stories. I work part time at here at KYUK, translating world news into the Yup’ik language on KYUK radio.

I also have a hour long radio talk show which I host entirely in the Yupik language every Thursday called Ketvarluku. The show airs at 10a.m. and can be streamed on our website

I also sometimes co-host Talkline on Fridays and I also produce Public Service Announcements. My radio name is “Aqumgaciq.”

My favorite hobby is cooking. So I try to bring what I cook at home to share with my co-workers here at the station. My co-workers are happier here when they have a full stomach.